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Comparison of pheromones for women

Feb. 2, 2010 There are many online companies in the market today that commercialize different brands of pheromone colognes. However, we find ourselves once more obliged to compare and assess the huge differences between them, as well as to analyze the characteristics and reason why we have placed some of them higher than others in our rank.

Next you will find a comparative chart that will help compare the different pheromone products available today and choose the one the most suitable for you.

  • Phiero
  • Pherlure
  • Athena
  • Pherone

*These comparisons have been supervised by the following physicians:
Doctora Mallmann – Member reference: 49843

PHIERO WOMAN * * * * *

With a very feminine fragrance, subtle but still persistent, Phiero Woman is made with an extract of four pheromones and in our opinion it combines effectiveness and freshness as no other perfume of the kind. Besides, it is presented in a crystal bottle with a vaporizer, which makes its application on the skin or on clothes very comfortable. With this system, all the content of the bottle is used and it is easier to carry around without any risk of spillage.

Phiero Woman has been present in different media from specialized magazines to marketing campaigns specially designed to generate media coverage. This is a product with great benefits that provides the customer everything a product of this kind can offer: Testimonials signed by authentic health professionals, audio and written testimonials from women that are satisfied with the results, 30 day money back guarantee, safe online payment platforms and an affordable price. The offer is completed with a free bonus, which is a useful guide to seduce men. All the above definitely makes this perfume the most original and successful product in the market. According to us, there are substantial differences between this product and all the others.

Pherlure * * * *

Pherlure was at the top of our ranking for quite a long time because it is another product of great quality that offers great guarantees. We don’t consider its formula as original as the first product in our list and it has no medical support whatsoever, but it is very popular among the users, just like Phiero Woman. As we’ve just said, it is the best choice after Phiero Woman, but according to the testimonials of different users, the results are not as immediate or as resounding, but the fragrance is also very nice.

Athena Pheromone* **

It is a very famous brand in the US but it does not offer the quality or the formula of the first two. Its results are inferior according to the testimonials of many of you who, having tried different products have compare their fragrance, effectiveness, etc. Another disadvantage is its price since it costs twice as much as the first two products (without medical recommendations). All in all, Athena is less recommendable than the two products above give its high cost and the few benefits it offers.

Pherone * *

We definitely think that this is the worst cologne of the ones we have analyzed in this ranking. It does not have an innovative formula, which translate into poor results. On the other hand, its website is short of information and it is rather sloppy, being this essential for us at since a website that does not offer all the necessary information and organization could be a synonym of lack of interest by its developers and it generates confusion and misinformation to the consumer. These kinds of things make Pherone a low quality product and it is therefore less recommendable than all the others.


In summary, at we believe that Phiero Woman is the most recommendable pheromone cologne for women in the market today. Based on our own assessments there is no other product of this nature that offers the guarantees that Phiero Woman does. The 4 pheromones of its formula do not have a match in the industry. Its detailed website includes plenty of information, articles and studies regarding the phenomenon of pheromones and medical testimonials supporting the safety and effectiveness of the cologne. Its money back guarantee meets the higher standards and with your purchase you get an attractive bonus: a really useful, complete guide with tips to seduce men. Besides, the fragrance is very delicate and nice. In summary, we think that this is a very complete product.

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