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Comparison of pheromones for men

Jan. 2, 2010 There are many online companies in the market today that commercialize different brands of pheromone colognes but this does not mean that they are all effective or that you can trust their quality, price and medical guarantees. In fact, there are a great number of differences between them and this is why we offer you a comparative chart where we analyze the main features of each product and provide the reasons why we place some of them over the others. This chart will help you see the differences between the products available and choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • Phiero Premium
  • Phiero
  • Pherlure
  • Ultrallure
  • Athena
  • Nexus
  • Human Euphoria

*These comparisons have been supervised by the following physicians:
Doctora Mallmann – Member reference: 49843


In our opinion, there is a great difference between Phiero Premium and the other products, mainly due to its revolutionary formula made with 3 pheromones, which makes it the most effective product in the whole market. Besides, the guarantees this product offers at all levels (medical testimonials, clients’ testimonials, guarantee certificates, price, etc.) are unbeatable. We definitely think that this is one of the best pheromone colognes in the world since it provides excellent results, something that has been proven by comprehensive scientific studies. On the other hand, this is the only cologne offering the safest online payment platforms. All in all, we can definitely say this is the most recommendable pheromone cologne in the market today. Plus, there’s the free guide to pick up women which you will find totally useful as a complement of Phiero Premium and will keep you posted on the best techniques to attract the opposite sex.

PHIERO * * * **


Obviously the first version of Phiero Premium is still a great pheromone cologne, a referent in the industry both for customers, which is proven by the number of testimonials we receive from satisfied users, and for other brands. The main difference between this product and its latest version is that the first version does not have such an original formula (the 3 pheromones included in Phiero Premium are something really innovative in the pheromone industry). Still, this cologne is as good as its predecessor since it offers the same guarantees (medical recommendations, quality certificates, clients’ testimonials, a free bonus with your purchase, etc. In our opinion, this is one of the best pheromone colognes in the world today.



This is a very good product, the best after Phiero because it offers great guarantees and real testimonies, even though we don’t think its formula is as good as the other two colognes. Just like Phiero, this cologne is rather popular among the users and, as we’ve just said, it is the best choice after Phiero although different users have claimed its results are neither as fast nor as resounding.



From this product on, there is a significant decrease of quality in our chart. The results you can obtain from this product, according to information we’ve received are worse than the previous products, so we cannot recommend it as much as the others. Besides, it does not offer the medical guarantees offered by Phiero or Phiero Premium, and veracity of the testimonies provided by clients who have already tried the product in terms of effectiveness cannot be proven. According to us, it is far less recommendable than the previous products.



This cologne is very popular in the US but the ingredients its formula is based on do not posses the quality of Phiero or Pherlure. The results are not as good, according to the testimonies of some users who, having tried it were able to compare it to some of the other colognes above. Plus, it costs twice as much as the others, which is a huge disadvantage and its price is not justified considering the ordinary results it offers.



We do not think that Nexus possess a revolutionary formula, which means rather modest results. On the other hand, the website does not offer much information and it is not organized, which is very important for us at since a website that does not offer all the necessary information and organization could be a synonym of lack of interest, confusing and misinforming the readers. All the above are the reasons why we don’t think this product is as recommendable as the first ones.


Human euphoria

This is definitely the worst product in our chart according to us. Its quality is very low, it is little effective and is not supported by testimonials from customers or professionals. The design of its website is very confusing and complicated. In a nutshell, for a little more money you can get one of the first ranked products. It will be a better investment.


In summary, and after analyzing all top pheromone products in the market, at we have come to the conclusion that the best of them all is Phiero Premium, considering the great advantages it possess that place it above all the rest, making it the number one product in the market. Its formula, the most exclusive and revolutionary in the whole industry, made with 3 pheromones and its amazing effectiveness make this product the best pheromone cologne in the market. Besides, it includes a great bonus: a complete guide to pick up women that is very useful resource for many of the users. On the other hand, the opinion of our readers is really clear, as shown by the number of votes.

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