pheromone – best way to pick up somebody. Do they really work?

How do pheromones work?


Feb. 25, 2010 People capture the chemical smells produced by pheromones through an organ located inside our nose called the vomeronasal organ (VNO). This organ was discovered in 1703 and it was later on proven to be the receptor of pheromones and the organ controlling emotions such as fear or sex.

So the scent of pheromones is perceived by human beings through this organ which, as we have just explained is located inside the nose, next to the nasal septum and connected through nerve endings to the hypothalamus (the part of the brain controlling emotions and sexual excitement), being in charge of capturing and channeling the pheromones emitted by the opposite sex, resulting in sexual drive and attraction (it is generally known as “the sixth sense” because of its great relevance and importance in sexual attraction between human beings).

It acts only between animals of the same species producing different sensations and responses. Its unique, exclusive function provokes diverse emotions and actions, directly affecting people’s behavior.

What results can I obtain?

  • An increase of your personal attractiveness
  • Greater attraction to the opposite sex
  • More self-confidence
  • Increase of your self-esteem
  • Greater number of sexual relations

Today, there are two different, separate scent tracking channels: one for ordinary smells and another for pheromones. The first one connects the limbic and nervous system and the amygdale while the second, as we have already mentioned, connects with the VNO, the secondary olfactory bulb, the amygdale and the hypothalamus.

One of the most commented study cases is the synchronization of the menstrual cycle of women who live in the same house. As historians have proven, in Ancient Egypt pheromones were used to make perfumes elaborated with the sweat of certain men specially chosen for this task. The sweat was subsequently poured into a large earthenware jar to be mixed with different fragrances. Egyptians seem to have been the first ones to discover that sweat contains aphrodisiac substances.

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