pheromone – best way to pick up somebody. Do they really work?

Are all pheromones colognes the same? How do I choose the best one?

Jan. 12, 2010 As we’ve already mentioned, there are several companies in the market today commercializing different brands of synthesized pheromones, but since our mission is to inform you which ones are the best according to our assessments on the differences between them, we offer you some useful guidelines and indications that you must take into account when making your decision.

You must take into account:

The proce of the product


You must consider the price of the product before you buy it. These are products that are scientifically manufactured, with a series of ingredients you cannot get anywhere but in research labs and medical environments, not to mention that they are synthesized by authentic science professionals with their time and work and this obviously costs money. Pheromone colognes should not be too cheap because in our opinion this could mean that it is not a good product, and that it does not offer the minimum required guarantees. On the contrary, you cannot trust a product just because it is expensive because an elevated price does not always mean good quality. You should always choose products that have an average quality-price ratio before you make your purchase. In order to do that, to know how to calibrate that ratio you must always take into consideration the indications provided in the previous sections. This way, it will be much easier for you to decide what product to acquire.

The smell

Smell is one of the most important things to take into account since the product we are talking about is cologne. This is why it is essential to pay attention to the fragrance of the cologne we choose. However, most of these products have an elegant, heady scent just like any other cologne in the market but it also contain pheromones, which undoubtedly multiplies its power of attraction.

Recommended by medical professionals


Pheromone colognes are just like any other natural product, so you do not need a prescription to buy them because they are not a medicine but still, there are some brands that do offer medical recommendations, which undoubtedly means the product is of great quality and effective. This is why we recommend buying colognes that are medically backed up, since such products will offer more guarantees. Only some of them have testimonials provided by health professionals.

Satisfied customers

You should always take into account one relevant fact: for as long as these revolutionary pheromone colognes have been in the market, they have accumulated an amount of satisfied customers that went far beyond all expectations and all this success, as it could not be any other way, is the result of the great effectiveness the product has proven to have since it is not a coincidence but science applied to improve our social relationships through an increase of our personal attractiveness, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Websites with lots of information

It is essential to provide consumers with all kinds of information regarding the product in question; the more information, the better. At we strongly believe that a detailed website, full of information is the best way to help tipping the balance in favor of one product or another. We are a good example of that, since our own website is the most complete, best documented pheromones guide in the whole net and this is why our readers are thankful for being so well informed.


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