pheromone – best way to pick up somebody. Do they really work?

Testimonials of men



«I never thought these kinds of products were available on the net. It was quite a surprise when I found out that they were not only sold online but that they were a success! It was exactly what I needed to get my self-esteem back and be able to face the thorny dating issue. I must say that just a few drops of Phiero Premium and I can definitely notice women being more receptive, which makes me feel more secure and forget about my silly complexes and my great shyness. I’s fabulous product, and your website has definitely been of great help.»

L. James

«Hi, I’m Bill. Picking up women was never my thing. I’ve always been extremely shy in general and it was even worse with the ladies because I used to get all dumb and clumsy whenever I had a girl in front of me. But one day, and thanks to a friend of mine I found your excellent website so full of information and my life started to change. I found the pheromone colognes, and I realized that women could actually be attracted to me and that gave me all the confidence I needed to get over my stupid shyness once and for all. Thank you for having given me something as important as my self-esteem back.»


«In my case, I had already heard about the whole pheromones thing but I had no idea they were being synthesized in labs and commercialized as rather successful colognes, so I took a shot and tried it and the results couldn’t have been better. I feel attractive when I go out and it’s a wonderful feeling. Thank you.»

Stephen K.

«Thank so you much for creating such an amazing website as! Now I can go out to pick up girls with my buddies without the fear of being the only one who gets nothing at all.»


«I’m so happy with the results I’m getting with Phiero, one of the colognes you mention on your website, which I recommended to all my friends! Now my weekends are fantastic!»

Danny H.

«My name is Jason and I wanted to tell you that thanks to your great guide with information about the pheromones I started dating a girl I really like. I met her at a disco one night and I was obviously wearing one of the colognes you mention on your website. It worked, and now I have a girlfriend. Awesome! I wasn’t very sure about these products until I saw the results with my own eyes. My skepticism had no grounds whatsoever. I’m a new man now and an absolutely happy one.»


«The moment I started wearing one of the pheromone colognes you mention on your website my social life changed completely. I developed such self-confidence when I’m with a girl, something I never had before. Your guide is very useful and I’m sure it’ll help a lot of men with self-esteem problems. Congratulations.»

J. Connors

«Hi! I still find hard to believe that a simple perfume can make things so much better but that was exactly my case. I found your website by accident and the truth is that everything I read there was very interesting so I decided to try one of the product. It’s not like I was desperate about it but even so I did notice a considerable improvement on my “hunting” nights. Getting girls is so much easier now. Congratulations on your amazing website; the service you provide is really great.»

M. K.
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