pheromone – best way to pick up somebody. Do they really work?

What are pheromones?


Jan 31, 2010 Pheromones are chemical substances naturally produced by the sweat glands of some animals to attract the opposite sex. Since ancient times, many living beings have used different chemical scents and smells to provoke sexual attraction. Together with this purpose, they also have the peculiarity of causing changes in the behavior of animals and people. Thus, as many and detailed studies have shown, pheromones intensify sexual attraction in both animals and humans usually through the sweat that sweat glands produce and secrete.

This is a problem because today most people take a shower every day, thus eliminating a great amount of the pheromones secreted by the body, not to mention that the natural production of pheromones gradually decreases over the years and becoming specially progressive and noticeable within the age of 20 and 40.

This is the point where, and thanks to the scientific advances that have proven this type of products really work, a great number of companies devoted to produce and commercialize them as colognes. In most cases, these pheromones can be really useful in the complex art (not so much now with this new weapon) of attracting the opposite sex. Pheromones are manufactured for both men and women, oriented to both markets.

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